So while we were in Vegas I found the opportunity to tick off number 34 of the bucket list down at The Range 702.

At first I was unsure what gun to shoot because I definitely did not want to shoot a shotgun, as I knew how strong they were and I was so scared it would dislocate my shoulder!! 
So after 10 minutes of back and forth in the lobby, I decided to go with the MP5 and a handgun. Joel shot 5 different guns including a shotgun (and i was so glad i didn’t shoot one in the end!). It looked so power and kept pushing his shoulder back every time, no thank you!
So if you’re unsure what to try for your first time shooting, the MP5 and the handgun were perfect, if you’re feeling a little braver and stronger then try your hand at something bigger!


This sounds stupid but I didn’t realise just how loud they would be, even with the ear protection muffs on!
Definitely an experience to try if you want to let some built up anger out.
The only problem is it is over so fast, I can understand how people shoot targets for a hobby because it is so addictive to try and hit the bullseye.

After you get to keep your paper target to see how well your accuracy is and also see who is best at shooting out of your group. That was me (sorry joel!).


I would definitely put shooting a gun on your bucket list !

The Range 702 website: www.therange702.com 

Tips: If you decide to visit this range, don’t make your own transport there. If you call them they will send a private transfer for you straight outside your hotel, free of charge.

Also on the strip keep your eye out for people giving out leaflets for a discount so you can get money off of your shoot!


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