Where could be better to drive a mustang than a Vegas Canyon?!

The best day we had on holiday was when we rented this mustang and drove around Red Rock Canyon and The Valley of Fire, both located in Las Vegas.


The views were insane and looked like a portrait in the sky! The only down side is the Vegas heat in the middle of June, hitting 50 degrees it was much more comfortable to drive with the top up and the air con on full blast. 


Joel drove most of the way because he didn’t trust me!! but I drove it back from the valley of fire with the top down and it will be a moment I will always remember and one that I definitely want to experience again.

If you’re in Vegas I would say this is a must because it was was so much fun, Red Rock Canyon is actually voted the number 1 tourist attraction in Vegas (above the grand canyon!).

BUT don’t make the rookie mistake we did and didn’t bring any water or snacks (i know how could anyone forget water in that heat??) but we were in such a rush that morning. Luckily there was a venting machine at the Red Rock Canyon centre but they’re some lovely picnic spots to try out if you bring along some food! Also there are a lot of spots to pull up to explore and take pictures along the way.

Renting the car for the day was easy, we did it through a company at the airport & the airport is only a 10 minute drive from the strip. Make sure you pay for a soft top car and they just take you to a car park and let you choose from all these fabulous cars, all with the keys in them waiting for you! They all have a GPS in them and the Canyon is only a half an hour drive, the valley of fire is another half an hour from the Canyon.
Keep your eyes peeled as you drive through the desert as we found a little cowboy town on our travels that was worth stopping off for.

So rent your mustang, take plenty of water & maybe a picnic, enjoy all the scenery and take some once in a life time pictures!

(oh and also call at In-N-Out on your way back and ask for animal style fries and thank me later) 


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