The most visited, written about and well known piece of art is the Mona Lisa!
It was the second thing to see on my to do list while we were in Paris (after the Eiffel Tower, of course.)

So on a rainy afternoon in the city we headed off to the Louvre Museum to explore the art and see the Da Vinci master piece.


The museum is actually huge and the Mona Lisa is a good walk from where you start, but there’s lots of beautiful art to see on your way.


Finally we made it to the Mona Lisa, which is a lot smaller in real life than I expected. Its more protected than the other paintings, understandably.
Unfortunately theres a huge crowd surrounding the painting so it takes some time to get to the front to see it properly and capture a photo. It definitely wasn’t possible for us to have a picture next to it, which is a shame.

It’s so surreal to see it in person and you can’t come to Paris without visiting this famous painting!



-Anyone from Europe who is 25 and under gets into the museum for free, don’t make the mistake we did and bought our tickets through an automated machine without knowing this!

-Go as soon as it open to avoid the gallery being too full and to get a better, more peaceful view of the Mona Lisa!


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