Okay so this isn’t a recent bucket list achievement but I don’t know if I will ever do it again haha so heres the story…. 

When I was in school I went on my first skiing trip to Kitzbuhel, Austria and it was one of the best weeks ever.
It was my first time skiing but I picked it up pretty fast and by the end of the week I had moved up two groups above the beginners (go me!).


And that was an achievement to say that that was me in the above picture on my first ever day skiing and looking like I was struggling to even keep my legs straight, never mind attempting the beginners slopes!

It was the last two weeks in the season so the sun was shining on the slopes, making the views unbelievable, the pictures don’t even do them justice.


I don’t know if this is the black slope in question….


But on the last day our instructor thought we were all ready to attempt a black slope (the steepest slope). 
For anyone who has been skiing before, you’re knees are constantly abit bent due to your ski boots and the more you bend them, the more control you have when you are changing direction (that might be wrong but it worked for me!).

So coming over the edge, I swear at the time it looked like a near vertical drop, I wanted to back out but we were all skiing in a line and we would’ve fell like dominoes if I stopped dead! My legs were so bent the whole way down, that my bum was almost touching the floor, for fear that even if I extended them a little I would have lost control and been down the slope head first.

But luckily we all made it to the bottom safe and sound!


It will be a school trip that I will always cherish. I don’t know how long it will be until I go skiing again, hopefully soon as the overall experience was amazing.
If I ever pluck up the courage the do a black slope again I will update this post!

For anyone who skis or is going to try skiing, completing a black slope has got to be on your bucket list!


– Watch the ski lifts as they are very tricky if you have never been on them before and you don’t want to do a Bridget Jones.

– Don’t attempt any slopes if you don’t feel you’re ready!!

– Go towards the end of the season to avoid the snow and the fog so you can have a clear view of the mountains and scenery surrounding you.

– I didn’t wear a helmet but I would definitely recommend wearing one as so many people fall and it’s not worth getting a bad head injury. 


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