Joel is a huge fan of UFC so he got tickets while we were in Vegas for UFC 200 at the new T Mobile arena.  I’m not a huge fan but I wanted to go for the experience!

The arena was absolutely huge and you felt like you were going to fall forwards straight off the ledge if you sit near the top.

The most exciting part for me was the celebrity spotting, if only Justin Timberlake wasn’t sat front row and sat with us at the top!


As we were disappointed that Conor McGregor wasn’t going to be fighting anymore (Joel especially), so we decided to go to the Wynn Hotel for his afterparty when the fights were over.

The Wynn hotel is magical, it is worth visiting just to go and get lost in the Wynn gardens, they make for such pretty pictures!

So we got ourselves dolled up and headed off to the Wynn’s new nightclub, Intrigue.


Yes that is a horse carousel made out of flowers behind us!

The nightclub was amazing, it had a waterfall, fountains, fire, you know the usual nightclub stuff..


And Joel finally got to see McGregor up close

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.24.34.png

So we had such a fun night together, even if you don’t like the sport, you’ll still enjoy the experience of it all!

(I’m not an expert on UFC and going to fights so I’ll just give you tips on what I experienced.) 

– Don’t get dressed up for the arena, go back to your hotel and change before the night out.
– Don’t worry if you have a seat quite high up, you can still see everything!
– Plan & buy tickets to go to one of the fighters afterparties. 


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