It’s always been on my bucket list to watch an American basketball game ever since I watched Space Jam as a kid!
So when me and Joel ventured to New York City we visited the famous Madison Square Garden to watch the New York Knicks in all their glory. 



Madison Square Garden is absolutely huge, and since we weren’t sat court side ( if only ) we had to climb about 10 sets of stairs! We finally reached our seats in the clouds. 


They usually tell you what famous celebrity is sitting court side, unfortunately I didn’t know any that were there the night we went (sorry!) so if you’re lucky you might spot your favourite celeb! 


and how could you leave without getting in the real spirit of the game and buying a foam finger? (unfortunately my dog thought it was a toy so now it’s just a set of knuckles)



The whole experience was so new and fun as American’s do it so different to us English!
Half time at our football games means you nip to the loo, get yourself a pie and a pint and sit in the cold until the game starts again.
At half time (if thats what it’s called in basketball)  there were flashing lights, music, competitors from the crowd trying to shoot hoops, cheerleaders and even people shooting t-shirts into the crowd from a huge gun.

Now thats a half time!

So next time you visit the USA go and see a basketball game and I promise it won’t disappoint!

(Apologises for the grainy pictures, I took these on my phone before I started this blog!)

To check out what else is on my list click here  or comment below whats on your bucket list!


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