7 Quirky Things to do in Las Vegas

1. Visit Old School Vegas

It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glam of Las Vegas, everything is absolutely huge in comparison to any normal town or city. But it is worth taking a short bus ride to Fremont Street, the original and traditional Las Vegas Strip.

It’s still full of lights and casinos! but its less modern and a lot smaller than the Las Vegas Strip we know today.

It’s called the ‘Fremont Street Experience’ as theres much more to do than just gamble in the casinos! The whole street is covered by a canvas and an impressive light show is put on every hour, its also home to the famous SlotZilla, a huge zip line all the way down the street.

When you get a bit hungry, you’ll also find the famous Heart Attack Grill Restaurant, the most unhealthy restaurant in America, somehow I don’t think they’ll sell a salad!

If none of these things tickle your fancy, theres a great Elvis impersonator that performs outside & theres also some quirkier finds as number 6 and 7 will explain!




 2. Drive around the desert

There are some stunning canyons surrounding Las Vegas that are just a drive away.
Hire a mustang  and take a ride to Red Rock Canyon or the Valley of Fire (or both!) for scenery that looks like its a painting on a canvas. You can take some snacks for a picnic that you’re likely to never forget!

All your troubles do actually seem to be left behind when you have the top down, the wind through your hair and the sun on your back!


Find a old cowboy town

Since Vegas is surrounded by desert, it’s worth venturing out to see what you can find. Coming out of the Red Rock Canyon, take a right, after a minute or two of driving you will find a little cowboy town called Bonnie Springs. 

Replicated on an actual 1880 mining town, Bonnie Springs is now a lovely tourist attraction! It was fun to walk around and see how things used to be and also read actual stories and see photos of real miners and cowboys (I am a history geek!)

If you aren’t sold yet, theres also a petting zoo with llamas, ponies and sheep that are roaming free that you are welcome to feed and stroke if cowboys aren’t your thing!

You can also attend a ‘hanging’ at certain times of the day but unfortunately we missed it (is it weird that i was disappointed by this?)

After all that you can feel like a real Vegas cowboy and go horse riding around the little town, its perfect if you want to get away from the busy strip!

 4. See a birdseye view of the strip

Anyone thats been to Vegas will know that the strip is very deceiving. A hotel will look a minutes walk and about 10 minutes later you still haven’t reached it!
An easy (and fancier) way to travel down the strip in under 5 minutes is by helicopter.

We pre booked a tour before we landed in Vegas with Sundance helicopter tours, who state that no pent house view comes close (and they weren’t lying!)

We got treated to a glass of champagne pre flight and had the nicest pilot, who inform us on some fascinating facts about vegas during the flight.
The views and lights were so amazing to see from a birds eye point of view and I would recommend to anyone to do this tour. We did ours on our second night so we could also see were all the hotels were located!




5. Find a wedding chapel

 Ah the famous wedding chapels in Vegas, did you know they have drive through ones and ones where an ordained Elvis will marry you? Crazy right?

Apart from the hotel’s own chapels, which I’m sure you actually can’t just walk into drunk, there aren’t many that you’ll see along the strip.
They are actually a walk away from the strip so some effort has to go into finding one, so don’t worry you might sober up by the time you get there!


6. See one million pounds in cash

There isn’t many chances in your life where you are going to come across one million pounds in cash! If you travel down to Binion’s Casino on Fremont Street you can see exactly that and even snap a pic. The cash is sealed into glass blocks though so it can’t actually be touched and theres also security so you won’t be tempted in leaving with it either (I’m sure people have tried!)

How many people can say they have seen a million pounds? Definitely something quirky to tick off the bucket list!


7. See the world’s largest nugget of golden.

Where else would the largest golden nugget be found in Las Vegas other than the Golden Nugget casino itself?

Located on Fremont Street, the Golden Nugget Casino is home to the largest piece of gold (bigger than my head.) 
Named the ‘Hand of Faith’ it was found by a husband behind the trailer where his family lived in Australia!

Again another quirky thing to say you have seen and to tick off that bucket list!




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