My Bucket List

Okay so I know what you’re thinking, this bucket list is absolutely huge!!
But, I’m a big believer in you can achieve anything, if you put your mind to it.
So yes I believe I can complete it, eventually..

So it’s easier for you to read I have put it into categories, I will always be adapting and adding to the listing so please feel free to comment any suggestions!

To see my experience after I have crossed something off (when completed they will be highlighted in red) just click it and follow the link!

So heres my 1000+ ideas for a bucket list

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1. Zip lining

2. Indoor Sky Diving
3. Dog Sledding

4. Surfing

5. Abseil down a waterfall

6. Snowboarding

7. Swim with Dolphins

8. Ski down a black slope
9. Get a tattoo
10. Get a Piercing
11. Hold a Shark
12. Scuba Dive
13. Fly Boarding
14. Zorbing
15. Hot air balloon ride
16. Hold a snake around my neck
17. Sail a boat
18. Jump off a cliff into the ocean
19. Navigate a personal underwater SUB
20. Parasailing

21. Paint balling

22. Stroke a Stingray

23. Walk a Suspension Bridge

24. Outdoor rock climbing

25. Explore a cave

26. Go Bamboo Rafting

27. Paddle Boarding

28. Mountaineering

29. Quad biking

30. Drive a Ferrari

31. See through Kayaking/Canoeing

32. High Ropes Course
33. Ice Climbing

34. Shoot a gun

35. Tough Mudder Run

36. Ride a Segway

37. Drive a tank

38. Off Road Driving

39. Remote Survival Experience

40. Cave Trampolining

41. Ride a Dune Buggy

42. Go Snorkelling

43. Do an Assault Course

44. Dive in an Aquarium

45. Swim with jelly fish

46. Swim with sea turtles

47. Swim with whale sharks

48. Submarine trip

49. Swim with manatees

50. Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge
51. Go horseback riding on the beach

52. Drive a vespa

53. Drive a Mustang


54. Drive a Harley

55. Camp under the stars

56. Experience the hottest climate on earth
57. Experience the coldest climate on earth

58. Abseil from a building 

59. Sand boarding

60. Climb a mountain
61. White-water rafting
62. Air boat across an alligator infested swamp
63. Police ride along
64. Volcano Surfing

Events & Entertainment

62. Attend a UFC Match
63. Attend a Beach Party

64. Attend a Wedding in a Different Country
65. Go to a Film Premiere
66. Attend a Masquerade Ball
67. Attend the Dog Races
68. Attend the Horse Races
69. Try Pole Dancing
70. Visit a Famous Piece of Art
71. Attend a Fancy Dress Party

72. Throw a Themed Party
73. Watch a Basketball Game at Madison Square Garden
74. See my Favourite Artist Live

75. See an Opera Live

76. Go to Wimbledon 
77. See the Tour de France
78. See a show in Las Vegas
79. See a play at Boardway
80. Watch the Grand National 

81. See a film in 4D
82. Dance on a bar

83. Have a caricature drawing
84. Get my palms read
85. Get VIP passes for a gig/show

86. Go on a Cruise 

87. Go to a Book Signing
88. Go to a Drive in Movie
89. Go to Comic-con
90. Host a Games Night

91. Take Salsa Dancing Lessons

92. Get a Private Booth in a Nightclub
93. Play Bingo in a Bingo Hall
94. Pose with a figure at the Wax Museum

95. Ride a Mechanical Bull

96. See a show at the Moulin Rouge

97. See a Cirque Du solei Show
98. See a Magic Show

99. Party with someone famous

100. See a show in London
101. Go to Tomorrowland Festival

102. Go to Edinburgh Tattoo

103. Go clubbing in Las Vegas
104. Go clubbing in Ibiza

105. Attend a Music Festival

106. Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner

107. See a Ballet Show 

108. Go to a Paint Party 

109. Watch a Space Shuttle Launch

110. Go to a Pool Party

111. See a Comedian Live
112. Attend the Royal Ascot
113. Sit front row at a fashion show
114. Sit front row at a sporting event 

115. Attend a State Fair

116. Go to the Olympics
117. Attend a gay pride event 

118. See a World Cup Match

119. Crash a Party
120. Clubbing in Miami
121. Clubbing in Dubai
122. Clubbing in Berlin
123. Visit a Strip Club
124. Attend a Street Party

125. Attend a same Sex Wedding
126. See an open Air Theatre Play
127. Clubbing in NYC
128. Go and see the Grand Pix
129. Coachella Festival
130. Glastonbury Festival
131. Celebrate Spring Break in the US
132. Go to a food festival
133. See a baseball game
134. Go on a Ghost tour
135. Attend a 90’s party
136. See live Flamenco Dancing
137. Attend a Gallery Opening
138. Be an Extra in a Movie
139. Fly on a Trapeze
140. Have my picture published in a Magazine or Newspaper
141. Attend an exclusive event
142. Throw someone a surprise party
143. Go to a drinks festival
144. See a talent show
145. Attend a fundraiser
146. Attend a Boxing match
147. Throw a big NYE party
148. Star in an advert
149. Walk a red carpet
150. Attend a white party
151. Witness summer solstice
152. Attend a jazz festival
153. Host a girls spa/pamper night
154. See Beyoncé Live
155. See Adele Live

Fashion & Beauty

154. Have Make up lessons
155. Have a fish pedicure
156. Traditional thai massage
157. Go on a spending spree on make up in sephora
158. Have a cosmetic procedure
159. Get veneers
160. Own an expensive pair of heels
161. Start a fashion blog
162. Own a Chanel bag
163. Get a professional make over
164. Dye my hair a crazy colour
165. Have a professional massage
166. Professional photo shoot
167. Hot stone massage
168. Bikini Wax
169. Have a personal shopping experience
170. Have a professional facial
171. Visit Macy’s and Bloomingdales in NYC
172. Get hair extensions
173. Go on a spa weekend
174. Have a mud bath
175. Get a Spray Tan
176. Make my own perfume
177. Make my own piece of clothing 

Food & Drink

161. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant

162. Eat at the restaurant on the top of Eiffel Tour

163. Extract honey from a bee hive

164. Eat in a pitch black restaurant

165. Leave 100% tip for a waiter

166. Make a ginger bread house

167. Make a pumpkin pie

168. Make fresh pasta

169. Go strawberry picking

170. Have afternoon tea

171. Visit an Oxygen bar

172. Eat an Insect

173. Eat room service in bed
174. Drink fresh from a coconut

175. Drink Gusiness in Dublin 

176. Visit the oldest pub in England

177. Visit the oldest pub in Dublin 
178. Take part in a food contest

179. Drink at an ice bar 

180. Try Absinthe

181. Own a wine collection

182. Learn latte art

183. Cook & host Christmas dinner

184. Brew own beer

185. Bake bread

186. Bake a cake for someone special

187. Try an In nOut burger
188. Attend a processo festival

189. Eat breakfast at tiffany’s

190. Eat at a Gordon Ramsey Restaurant

191. Go Vegan for a week

192. Go Wine tasting

193. Attend a gin festival

194. Go to a tea tasting

195. Become a vegetarian
197. Eat Macaroons in Paris
 198. Eat pasta in I
199. Try Snails

200. Try Caviar

201. Take a cooking class

202. Stomp Grapes

203. Take part in a food fight

204. Shuck Oysters

205. Drink a stein in Germany

207. Eat in an american diner

208. Try elephant dung coffee

209. Do a keg stand

210. Eat a pasty in Cornwall

211. Try Sword fish

212. Visit a cat cafe

213. Visit a cereal cafe

214. Have dinner in the sky

215. Visit a treehouse restaurant


217. Go Champagne tasting

218. Drink Red wine in France

219. Eat Paella in Spain

220. Drink Sangria in Spain

221. Attend a grape stomping festival

222. Try Octopus

223. Eat Chocolate in Belgium

224. Eat pizza in Naples

225. Get drunk in Prague

226. Try salt water taffy in America

227. Go to a pumpkin festival

228. Drink on a bar on wheels

229. Eat New York Street Food

230. Eat an American thanks giving dinner

231. Drink Rum on a Caribbean beach

232. Try Astronauts Food

233. Eat at a revolving Restaurant

234. Eat S’mores around a campfire

235. Try Black Truffles
236. Afternoon tea at The Ritz
237. Drink an expensive bottle of champagne
238. Have a fancy picnic
239. Grow my own vegetables
240. Go on a pub crawl
241. Have a picnic in central park
242. Try 50 different cocktails
243. Eat a meal with a spectacular view

Sports & Fitness

236. Watch the Super Bowl
237. Run a 5K Race
238. Run half a marathon
239. Run the London marathon
240. Play Beach Volley ball
241. Do a colour run
242. Be able to do the splits
243. Go jet skiing
244. Play rounders on the beach
245. Ride bikes through a city
246. Visit a trampoline park
247. Indoor rock climbing
248. Win a football bet
249. Take a Zumba Class
250. Fly a kite on the beach
251. Dive off the high board
252. Try Archery
253. Achieve my goal weight/figure
254. Become a Black belt in Self defence
256. Curling
257. Fencing
258. Catch a fish
259. Rolling Skating
260. Golf 18 holes
261. Go deep sea fishing
262. Snowshoeing
263. Clay pigeon shooting
264. Play a basket ball match
265. Skiing on the alps
266. Take Yoga classes 

People & Relationships

266. Become a godparent
267. Be a bridesmaid
268. Be a maid of honour
269. Research my family tree
270. Go on a girls holiday
271. Have a family photo

272. Meet someone famous
273. Do something nice for a stranger
274. Reconnect with an old friend
275. Buy a loved one a holiday
276. Make a friend from a different country
277. Take my brother on holiday
278. Take my nan on a day trip
279. Take my mum to NYC

280. Buy someone an extravagant gift
281. Get Married
282. Have Children
283. Make my dad proud
284. Pay my mums mortgage off
285. Do something romantic
286. Be Happy
287. Celebrate 10 years of friendship
288. Have a celebration with all my family and friends
289. Show my family I appreciate them
290. Go on a road trip with friends 


291. Go Skinny Dipping

292. Learn to solve an Rubik’s cube
293. Leave a love lock
294. Hit a piñata
295. Sleep in a hammock
296. Bid at an auction
297. Hunt for treasure with a metal detector
298. Have a white Christmas
299. Learn First Aid
300. Invent Something
301. Watch the sun rise and set on the same day
302. Have a summer bike ride
303. Win something
304. Visit a nudist beach
305. Bathe in wine
306. Write a fan letter
307. Tandem biking
308. Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
309. Take photos in a photo booth
310. Watch the top 250 films on IMDB
311. Send a secret to post secret
312. Grow my own flowers
313. Make homemade cocktails
314. Visit a public gallery and see a trail

315. See one million pound in cash
316. Do something spontaneous
317. Sing karaoke duet
318. Eat Candy floss at a fair
319. Wear a sumo wrestling suit
320. Find a peral in an oyster
321. Learn to juggle
322. Smoke a cigar
323. Smoke a shisha
324. Win a stuffed animal at a fair
325. Ride a Pedlo in the sea
326. Go star gazing
327. Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel
328. Ride on the back of a motorbike
329. Jump in a pool fully clothed
330. Drive a lap in a race car
331. Plant a tree
332. Offer to pay for someone’s bill
333. Make a tie dye t-shirt
334. Have a movie day
335. Make a den
336. Tell scary stories around a camp fire
337. Watch all the Harry Potter movies back to back
338. Drink beers whilst watching the sunset
339. Go to an amusements
340. Have a barbeque on a beach
341. Start a diary
342. Have a coffee morning
343. Eat dessert before dinner
344. Run through a fountain
345. Make a homemade slip n slide
346. Send a letter to a stranger
347. Read a book a month for a year
348. Give a meaningful toast
349. Bury a time capsule
350. Write a letter to your future self

Local Experiences (UK)

331. Take a photo at lands end
332. Visit the Eden Project
333. See the Roman baths
334. Climb Mount Snowdon
335. Walk through the peak district
336. Search for the monster at Loch Ness
337. Take a walk through the lake district
338. See the white cliffs of dover
339. Visit a Edinburgh Castle
340. Visit the York dungeons
341. See the Blackpool illuminations
342. Stand at John O’Groats
343. Do a Jack the ripper tour in London
344. See a rugby match
345. Toast a drink at the top of the shard
346. Visit the Stone Henge
347. Harry potter studio tour
348. See Sherwood forest
349. Attend Friends fest
350. Boat ride in Cambridge
351. Go clubbing in Newcastle
352. Sit in Hyde Park
353. Have tea at Betty’s tearooms
354. Visit the Globe theatre
355. Walk across Abbey Road, Liverpool
356. Stay in a crazy bear hotel
357. Visit the jurassic coast
358. See Westminster Abbey
359. Visit Lizard Peninsula
360. Visit London Zoo
361. See Fingals Cave
362. See Rievaulx Abbey
363. Visit Stafford upon Avon
364. Natural history museum in London
365. Go back to the sealion centre (my favourite childhood place)
366. Tour Buckingham palace
367. Enter the tower of london
368. Tintagel Castle, Cornwall
369. See Banksy’s Graffiti
370. Hiking around Chatsworth
371. Have fish and chips at the seaside
372. Have a fancy cocktail at the Alchemist
373. Go Shopping on Oxford Street
374. Visit a British Museum
375. Go inside St Pauls Cathedral

Charity & Personal Growth

376. Donate to a charity shop
377. Donate toys at christmas
378. Buy a homeless person a meal
379. Donate Blood
380. Volunteer
381. Join the Anthony Nolan register
382. Take part in a protest

383. Send off a shoe box for a child at Christmas
384. Host a charity event
385. Graduate from university
386. Learn the alphabet in sign language
387. Befriend a lonely, elderly person 

388. Give a speech
389. Help someone tick something off their bucket list
390. Donate anonymously

391. Adopt an animal

392. Give to a food bank

393. Do a charity walk

394. Do a random act of kindness

395. Save someones life

396. Raise over £1000 for charity


398. Visit an orphanage aboard

399. Send a care package to a solider

400. Send flowers to a stranger

401. Invite a lonely old person around for christmas dinner

402. Volunteer on christmas day

403. Learn to say ‘hello’ in 15 language’s

404. Learn a new language

405. Be present at a birth

406. Make a Loan

407. Start a charity organisation 
408. Help an endangered animal

409. Help rehome dogs

500. Make an impact on someones life

Animals & Nature

501. Hold a Koala Bear
502. Hold monkey
503. Hold a tarantula
504. Kiss a sealion
505. Kiss a dolphin
506. Have a pet pig
507. Go Whale watching
508. Release baby turtles into the ocean
509. See a shark in the ocean
510. Feed a giraffe
511. See Killer Whales in the wild
512. Climb a volcano
513. Name a star
514. Witness a solar eclipse
515. Sleep in a yurt
516. Sleep in an igloo
517. Go camping
518. Go glamping
519. Learn to start a fire without a match
520. Grow sunflowers
521. Stand under a waterfall
522. Bathe in a natural hot spring
523. Do a zoo keeper experience
524. Adopt an endangered animal
525. See a crocodile in the wild
526. See a coral reef
527. See the big 5 in the wild
528. See an animal give birth
529. Have a falconry experience
530. Stroke a penguin
531. Have a rescue animal as a pet
532. Bathe an elephant
533. Attend a Rodeo
534. Ride a camel
535. See a polar bear
536. Milk a cow
537. Volunteer with elephants
538. See a panda
539. Have a picture with a parrot on my shoulder
540. See the migration in the masai mara

541. See a polar bear in the wild

542. See a tiger in the wild

543. Swim with humpback whales 
544. See a gorilla in the wild
545. Go on a Bear safari
546. Feed a Crocodile
547. Hold a Sloth
548. Feed a calf some milk out a bottle
549. See a redwood tree


551. Drive a vintage car
552. Get the subway in NYC  
553. Horse and Carriage ride
554. TUK TUK ride

555. Party bus
556. Gondola ride
557. Limo ride
558. Travel by seaplane
559. Travel by helicopter
560. Travel by private jet

561. Go in a submarine
562. Drive a speed boat
563. Race a go kart
564. Tandem bike

Career & Success

566. Get a Degree
567. Get a Masters Degree
568. Run a successful blog
569. Own my own house
570. Own a holiday home
571. Become a self made millionaire
572. Start my own business
573. Have 10,000 blog readers
574. Be a successful business woman
575. Own a sports car
576. Be a CEO
577. Do something you love
578. Invest in properties
579. Be my own boss
580. Be awarded in something
581. Be able to travel
582. Get a Doctorate level degree
583. Take early retirement
584. Inspire Others
585. Have a excellent CV


586. Germany
587. France
588. Spain
589. Belgium

590. Austria
591. Switzerland

592. USA
593. Australia

594. New Zealand
595. Ireland
596. Thailand

597. Japan
598. China
599. Italy
600. Bahamas

601. Barbados
602. Brazil
603. Costa Rica
604. Croatia
605. Cuba
606. Cyprus
607. Chile

608. Cape Verde
609. Fiji
610. Canada
611. Finland
612. Iceland
613. Greece
614. India

615. Indonesia
616. Jamaica
617. Kenya
618. Luxembourg
619. Madagascar
620. Maldives
621. Malta
622. Mexico
623. Morocco
624. Monaco
625. Nepal
626. The Netherlands
627. Peru
628. Poland
629. Portugal
630. The Philippines
631. Russia
632. St Lucia
633. Scotland
634. Sweden
635. Sri Lanka
636. Turkey
637. Trinidad and tobago

638. Wales
639. Vietnam
640. Vatican City
641. United Arab Emirates


642. Learn Origami
643. Take an art class
644. Make handmade greeting cards
645. Write a blog post
646. Visit an art museum

648. Learn to play the violin
649. Work on a pottery wheel
650. Paint on a canvas
651. Take a language class
652. Blow Glass
653. Draw at a life drawing class
654. Make a life scrap book
655. Build something from scratch

General Travel Experiences 

656. Stay in an air bnb
658. Go on a wild safari
659. Go on a road trip
660. See a Spectacular fountain
661. Celebrate a holiday in a different country

662. Visit all 7 continents
663. Fly First class
664. Pan for gold
665. Visit a ghost town
666. Visit a cowboy town
667. Swim in a sky high infinity pool
668. Climb a light house
669. Explore a rainforest
670. Find a ship wreck
671. Meet a monk
672. See an abandoned asylum

673. Stand at the centre of the universe
674. Visit two continents in 1 day
675. Have a meal on the beach
676. Celebrate my birthday in a different country
677. Visit a movie site
678. Stay in a 5 star hotel
679. Stay in a hostel
680. Toast with an incredible view
681. Try a tradition from a different country
682. Watch the sunset from a boat
683. Visit a castle
684. Vacation with a stranger
685. Go on a spontaneous road trip
686. Visit a haunted house
687. Stay in an underwater hotel
688. Tour a vineyard
689. Tour a Factory
690. Visit a butterfly Sanctuary
691. Vacation alone
692. Visit a tourist attraction in my home town
693. Try a homemade traditional dish from a country
694. Learn a traditional dance
695. Stay in a penthouse
696. Helicopter ride over a jungle
697. Camp in a desert
698. Stay in a treehouse
699. See a Geyser Erupt
700. Canoe safari
701. Lady boy show 

702. Tube down a river

703. See a meteor create

704. Try on traditional clothing from a different country 
705. Go on a archaeological dig

706. Travel with a stranger 
707. Visit a european christmas market 

708. Travel by airboat

 Ride on a scary roller coster
710. See a Tribe 


711. NYC
712. San Francisco
713. Chicago
714. Barcelona
715. Berlin
716. Paris
717. London

718. Hong Kong
719. Bangkok

720. Sydney

721. Boston

722. Madrid

723. Rome
724. Prague

725. Milan

726. Dubai

727. Amsterdam

728. Tokyo

729. Singapore

730. Toronto

731. Las Vegas
732. Budapest

733. Venice

734. Florence

735. Lisbon

736. Melbourne

737. Houston

738. Edinburgh

739. Auckland

740. Copenhagen

741. Oslo

742. Dallas

743. San Diego

744. Cancun

745. Montreal

746. Cape Town

747. Beijing

748. Dublin

750. Athens

751. Stockholm

752. Vienna

753. Moscow

754. Warsaw

755. Mexico City

Location Specific Travel Experiences

756. Sydney Opera House, Australia
767. Colosseum, Rome
768. Tower of pisa, Italy

769. Petra, Jordan
770. Park Guell, Barcelona
771. Berlin wall, Germany

772. Grand Canyon, USA
773. Great wall of China
774. Whit Sundays, Australia
775. Taj Mahal, India
776. Cherry blossom trees, Japan
777. Visit the Galapagos islands
778. Lock Ness, Scotland
779. White house, Washington DC
780. Hollywood sign, California
781. Pyramids, Egypt 
782. Machu Picchu, Peru
783. Christ the redeemer, Brazil
784. Niagara falls, USA
785. Terra Cotta Warriors, China
786. Easter Island
787. Vatican city, Italy
788. Sistine chapel,
789. See Mount Everest

790. St. Basil’s Cathedal, Russia
791. Attend Rio Carnival
792. Alcatraz, San Fransisco
793. Dead sea, Jordan
794. Disney land, Florida
795. Miami beach, USA
796. Golden gate bridge, San Fransisco
797. Walk of fame, Hollywood
798. Blue lagoon, Iceland
799. Northern lights, Iceland
800. Cafes in Amsterdam
801. Safari, Africa 
802. See the Hobbit set, New Zealand
803. Drive route 66, USA
804. Burj khalifa, Dubai
805. Visit the under water restaurant, Dubai
806. La Tomatina, Spain
807. Statue of liberty, USA
808. Mount Rushmore, USA

809. Worlds largest swimming pool, Chile
810. Yellowstone national park, USA
811. Walk on the Sahara Desert, Africa 
812. Walk through the Amazon Rainforest
814. Twin towers, Kuala Lumper
815. A Bora Bora beach 
816. Megalithic Temples, Malta
817. Celebrate Oktoberfest, Germany

818. Celebrate the day of the dead, Mexico
819. Times square, USA
820. Eiffel tower,
821. Great barrier reef, Australia

822. Climb mount kilmanjo
823. See the markets in Morocco
824. See a Santorini sunset, Greece 
825. Atlantic city, USA
826. Go drinking in Prague
827. Visit the North Pole
828. See biggie’s home, USA
829. Brooklyn,
830. Visit the Hamptons, USA

831. Surf in Hawaii
832. Celebrate Saint Patricks day, Dublin
833. Victoria fall, Zambia 
836. See Yale Uni, USA
837. See the white sands, New Mexico
838. Stand on the glass platform, Chicago
839. See the New York federal gold vault, USA
840. Visit St Peterburgs, Russia
841. See the Edinburgh castle, Scotland
842. Visit Palm Springs, USA

843. Step on Giants Causeway, Ireland
844. Have a classic car ride, Cuba

846. pontcysylite aqueduct
847. See the giant water lilies, Florida

848. See the River Nile, Africa 
849. Lake Powell, USA
850. Hike the Zion narrows, USA
851. See Macy’s thanksgiving parade, USA
853. Go Skiing in the Alps
854. See Marilyn Monroe’s grave, USA

856. See play boy mansion, USA
857. Go shopping down Rodeo Drive, USA

858. Stay at the Beverly Wilshire hotel, USA
859. Stay in the Atlantis The Palm hotel, Dubai 
860. Explore the Catacombs under Paris

861. Walk on the Namib desert, Africa 
862. Bathe in the baths in Budapest
863. Sunbathe on a Miami beach
864. See the space needle, Seattle

865. Explore the underground tunnels, LA
866. See City hall station, NYC
868. See the wave organ, USA
869. Alburquerque Balloon Festival
870. Go to the Echo Park time travel shop
871. Celebrate Chinese New Year in China

872. Up Helly Fire Festival
873. Ping lantern festival 
874. See area 51, USA

875. Witness the fireflies of the mountain, Tennessee
876. Canoe Boundary Water, USA
877. Pumpkin festival, New Hampshire
878. Balloon glow, New Mexico
879. Visit Aruba
880. See the Chocolate Hills, Philippines
881. See the delicate arch, Utah

882. Crater of diamonds state park, USA
883. Neon boneyard, USA
884. See the original Amityville horror house, USA
885. Walk up the Secret tiled staircase, USA

886. Witness the sailing stones, USA
887. Visit the Glass beach, California
888. Visit the hospital on Ellis Island

889. See Mount Vesuvius, Italy 
890. Attend the India festival of colours

891. Visit the Sloth Sanctuary, Oregon
892. See the ruins in Pompeii
893. Oldest bookshop in the world, Lisbon 
894. Get drunk in Prague
895. Flintstones bedrock city, USA 

896. Tour auschwitz, Poland
897. Abu Simbel Temples, Egypt 

898. Lake Geneva, switerland
899. See the tulips in Holland

900. Tiger leaping gorge, China 
901. Antony chapel, Arkansas
902. Look out at the shark valley tower, florida
903. Experience the santa cruz mystery spot

904. See the Chimneys of Cappadocia,Turkey 
905. See the Paint mines interpretive park
906. See the Baobab trees, Madagascar  
907. See iguana falls, Argentina
908. Visit Vermont in autumn
909. Salvation Mountain, California
910. Watkins glen state park, New York

911. See the Witch House, salem

912. Explore the Mendenhall  Ice Caves, Alaska 
913. Have a drink at the Ozone bar, Hong Kong

914. See some of China’s Sacred Mountains
915. Antelope Canyon, USA
916. See the bull run in spain
917. Sea of the stars, Maldives 
918. See Mount Roraima, South America
919. See the Canals of Amsterdam

920. Angel Falls, Venezuela
921. Stand on the Trolltunga Rock, Norway
922. See the boat harbour in Monaco
923. See the Amazon River
924. Explore the Trenches, Belgium
925. Watts Tower, LA
926. See the Berlin festival of lights
927. Swim in Devils Pool
928. Walk in The Sahara
930. Multnomah falls, Oregon
931. See the Devils tower, Wyoming
932. See the door to hell,  Turkmenistan
933. Visit the thermal waters Pamukkale, Turkey 
934. See the Puffins on Farne Island, UK
935. Visit the Hill of Crosses, Lithuania
936. Borobudur Temple, Indonesia 
937. Walk in the Gobi Desert
938. See the Hagia Sophi, Turkey 
939. Drive Nullarbor
 Plain, Australia 
940. Ride the Qinghai Tibet Railway 
941. See the gothic buildings in Transylvania
944. Take a boat ride on the Mississippi River, USA
945. Explore the Acropolis, Greece
946. See the Giant Archway in Louisanna
947.  See Mount Fiji, Fiji
948. Gamble on Fremont Street, Vegas
950. Witness the Cheese Rolling Festival, UK
951. Attend the Venice Carnival, Italy 
952. Explore the World war 2 tunnels,  UK
953. Drive along the Great Ocean Road, Australia 
954. Visit the Temples of Angkor, Cambodia 
955. See Tikal, Guatemala
956. Visit a channel island
957. Stay at Giraffe Manor, Kenya 
958. Check of the Blue Grotto, Capri 
959. Tour around Jerusalem
960. See the animals at San Diego Zoo, USA
961.  Visit a NASA space centre, USA
962. Ephesus, Greece 
963. Visit the lowest point in Africa
964. Walk through the black forest, Germany
965. Walk under the playa de las cathedrals, Spain
966. Walk the tunnel of love, Ukraine
967. Visit The Fairy Pools, Scotland
968. Explore the cave of the crystals, Mexico 
969. Stay along the Amalfi Coast, Italy 
970. Explore Anne Frank’s home, Amsterdam
971. See the three sisters, Australia
972. Swim in Verdon gorge, France 
973. See the pink lake, Australia 
974. Visit Napa Valley, California 
975. Drive the Cabot Trail, Canada 
976. Maya Bay, Thailand
977. Eat at the rock, Zanzibar
978. See the flamingos at lake Nakuru, Kenya 
979. Zion national park, USA
980. See the Uluru Rock, Australia 
981. Fiordland National Park, New Zealand 
982. Halong Bay, Vietnam 
983. Explore the Florida Everglades, USA
984. See Thor’s Well, USA
985. See Horse Shoe Bend, USA
986. Drive through Monument Valley, USA
987. Zhangye danxia mountains, China
988. Oresund bridge, Sweden 
989. Climb to tigers nest, China
990. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia 
991. See the Matterhorn mountain from Zermatt
992. Batu Caves, Malaysia 
993. Bagan, Myanmar
994. Visit the gion district
995. Lotus Temple, India 
996. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japan 
997. See the Nazca line, Peru
998. Shop at the Grand Bazaar, Turkey 
999. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia